eNHANCE (Horizon2020)

eNHANCE was initiated by the Flextension Foundation. The goal of the eNHANCE research is to support and motivate people that have limitations in the musculoskeletal system as a result of for example a stroke or a muscular disease, to perform complex daily tasks. For that support, the researchers want to use advanced detection of intentions of the user associated with a personalized behavior model. Among others eye tracking, a technology where the Brain & Behaviour Laboratory (Imperial College London, UK) has built up a lot of experience with, will be examined. When using an orthosis, forces that a patient can apply will be measured continuously in order to increase the therapeutic effect. Various companies and knowledge institutions in the Netherlands, The United Kingdom, France, Sweden and Germany are involved. The eNHANCE project is led by the group Biomedical Signals and Systems (University of Twente, NL) in close collaboration with the group of Biomechanical Engineering (University of Twente, NL).